blogThe source files to my blog, 2 months
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C. 3 months
docker/clamavClamAV built on CentOS image 3 months
docker/discord-ircA Docker image to run a bridge between Discord and Glorious IRC 3 months
docker/rakuDocker images for Raku users 6 weeks
docker/revproxyA small Docker container to create a reverse HTTP proxy 2 months
dotfilesMy user-level configuration files, use with caution! 23 hours
portagePortage configuration files 7 hours
raku/App::AssixtA CLI frontend to Dist::Helper 3 months
raku/App::CPANUtilities to interact with CPAN 3 months
raku/App::CPAN::UploadNotifier::IRCAn IRC bot to notify of new module uploads to CPAN 3 months
raku/App::GTDA Raku application to Get Things Done 8 weeks
raku/App::RakumanA program to read the main Pod6 document of Raku modules 8 weeks
raku/ConfigExtensible library for reading and writing configuration files. 3 months
raku/Config::Parser::tomlTOML parser for Config 3 months
raku/Dist::HelperThe CPAN distribution helper 3 months
raku/Dist::MakerEasily develop Raku modules 7 weeks
raku/Grammar::TodoTxtA grammar to parse todo.txt 2 months
raku/Grammar::Version::SemanticA grammar for parisng the SemVer spec in the Raku programming language 8 weeks
raku/Hash::MergeRaku module for deep merging of Hashes 8 weeks
raku/IRC::ClientExtendable Internet Relay Chat client 3 months
raku/IRC::Client::Plugin::UrlTitlePlugin for IRC::Client to report titles of URLs posted in IRC channels 3 months
raku/Matrix::BotA framework for writing Matrix bots 3 months
raku/Matrix::Bot::Plugin::AutoAcceptInvitesA plugin for Matrix::Bot to automatically accept all room invites 3 months
raku/Pod::To::AnythingA base class to create Pod6 renderers with 2 months
raku/Pod::To::HTML::SectionA Pod6 rendering class which output an HTML section 2 months
raku/Pod::To::PagerNondescript 3 months
raku/String::FoldFold strings to a certain length 3 months
raku/Template::PrometheusObjects to easily render templates of metrics for usage with Prometheus 3 months
raku/Terminal::ANSIColorColorize terminal output 3 months
raku/Text::BorderedBlockPut a border around a block of text 3 months
raku/URLA Perl 6 library to handle URLs 3 months
raku/Version::SemanticA wrapper around Version to make it strictly Semantic 3 months
rakudo-starSources for Rakudo Star, an end-user Raku distribution 3 months
rakudo-star-2.0 48 hours